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Hotel Nagerl history

The story of Landgasthof Nagerl

The name Nagerl in Marzling was first mentioned in 1928 in connection with the purchase of the station hotel and its name at the time by the grandparents of the current owners.

Grandparents Josef and Krezentia Nagerl, trained innkeepers, came from Neufahrn/Freising, where they ran an inn with a small farm as a leaseholder between 1911 and 1928. Josef and Kreszentia Nagerl married on 6th June 1903 in Freising, and they took over the zum Jägerwirt restaurant in Freising in the same year.

They were blessed with three children, Kreszentia, Josef and Maria Nagerl as well as financial success and they ran the Jägerwirt until 1911.

The offer to relocate to Neufahrn with the purpose of taking over a larger inn with a small farm in 1911 came at the right time. The premises included a shop selling meat and sausages. Their financial good fortune continues as a result of their hard work.

Their sons Franz (born in 1914) and August Nagerl are born in Neufahrn.

Shortly before the rising inflation of 1932, the grandparents wanted to buy a large hotel and farm in Grüneck/Freising. The purchase price was around 400,000 Reichsmark. However, the impending currency collapse meant that nothing came of it.

In 1928 when the currency was once again stable but funds were scarce, the grandparents found what they were looking for in Marzling. They bought the old station hotel. In addition to the guest house with its hall, they also bought several ancillary buildings (sausage kitchen, slaughterhouse, carriage houses) and stables and barns for pigs, horses and sheep. At the time, the estate also included a medium-sized farm with around 20 acres of agricultural ground. The purchase price was around 70,000 Reichsmark.

Immediately after buying the estate, they continued expanding it. A shady beer garden was created, guest rooms were built, and a meat and sausage shop were added. Weddings, carnival balls and larger events were held in the hall. The beer was brought from the Hackl Brewery in Freising with their own horse and cart and stored in the adjoining ice cellar. They grew all of the produce that they needed for the guest house.

Their success was sadly interrupted in 1939 by the start of the war. Sons Josef, Franz (born in 1914) and August were conscripted. August Nagerl stayed in Russia, the grandfather died in 1941. His sons Josef and Franz (born in 1914) returned from captivity in 1946 and 1949 respectively.

After the estate was handed over to their son, Franz Nagerl (born in 1914). He married Emilie Kaupe in 1951. After a few years they gave up the part-time farm, leased the areas and concentrated on the hospitality side of the business.
A modern bowling alley, a sausage kitchen, refrigeration equipment and a slaughterhouse were installed. Son Franz Nagerl Junior (born 1952) trained as an apprentice butcher in Freising. The aim was to prepare him for taking over the family business from an early age.

However, Franz Nagerl Junior had to step in earlier than planned. Following his father’s sudden death in 1975, he took over the hospitality side of the business, initially as a third-generation leaseholder. Fortunately he had his wife, Christa, by his side right from the start, since in addition to plenty of work, there were also problems with the other heirs. After distributing the inheritance and paying them off, the married couple Franz and Christa became sole owners in 1986.

1980 Their son, Franz Nagerl, is born.

1987 The hotel was completely renovated. It was converted into a modern hotel. The company has around 180 seats in the restaurant and 21 guest rooms with 33 beds in the hotel.

Following our family tradition of always looking forward, they have read the signs of our times and by completely rebuilding the hotel, they have turned their ideas of modern hospitality into a reality.

1997 A sunny conservatory with around 50 seats was added.

2013 The current Mönchstube was entirely renovated and equipped with modern conference technology.

2015 Franz Nagerl (born in 1980) was integrated as a co-owner of the company.

2017 The building complex was extended with an additional 46 hotel rooms and 2 conference rooms measuring 60 m². The beer garden and outdoor areas were also modernised.

Our history is still being written…